Wildlife, the developers of the world’s favorite tennis mobile game Tennis Clash, and Gucci have announced a partnership that will give the fans of the game the opportunity to dress like some of their favorite characters.

In a truly innovative move, Gucci, which has already pioneered the relationship between the world of fashion and that of gaming through the Gucci Arcade games on the Gucci App, designed two looks for ‘Diana’, and two for ‘Jonah’, which players can adopt for these virtual competitors.

The special Gucci wardrobe will include shoes, socks, headgear, and clothing. From the Tennis Clash game, players will be allowed to directly land on Gucci.com where they will be able to discover and buy the garments.

“Partnering with a luxury fashion house like Gucci allowed us to create an exciting experience for fans of both brands”, says Mark Panelo, Vice President of Business Development at Wildlife. “The design of the Gucci court and outfits in Tennis Clash were designed to bring together the fashion and sports worlds”, adds Ana Costa, Game Director at Wildlife and responsible for Tennis Clash development.

To see the new outfits in action, players will be able to play a new in-game tournament branded as the Gucci Open. Tournaments are a limited-time game mode where you compete against other players to score the most points in a series of matches. To complete the experience, during these tournaments, players will also be able to use a new Gucci branded tennis string.

Developed by Wildlife through a series of detailed physics studies simulating the trajectory of the ball and other aspects of the game, Tennis Clash offers an experience that is very similar to a real tennis match, attracting not only mobile gamers but also fans of the sport. Easy to learn, and difficult to master, players, will put their abilities to the test through challenging matches, choose an athlete from a selection of characters with different nationalities and get ready to face adversaries from all over the world.

Tennis Clash is consistently featured in the Top 5 Sports Games on the App Store and was recently selected as one of Google Play’s ‘5 Best Competitive Games of 2019’. Tennis Clash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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