August 2023 – Keeping players engaged over the years is no easy task, but the Sniper 3D team has had nearly a decade of success in achieving this. Developed by Wildlife Studios, this first-person shooter mobile game offers intuitive and dynamic gameplay, where players assume the role of a sniper hired to eliminate criminals. Armed with a precision rifle, players must carefully aim and take down their targets from vantage points on top of buildings or other strategic locations.

The game has been a hit among players, amassing over 500 million downloads on Google Play and receiving more than 15 million reviews across app stores (App Store and Google Play) with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. According to Zeev Reznik, General Manager of Sniper 3D, the game’s continued appeal to players is attributed to its regular content updates and special offers.

“Since the launch of Sniper 3D, 9 years ago, we have been constantly innovating game modes and challenges to meet players’ expectations. For example, for the past 5 years our players have been exploring the game’s PvP mode, a highly requested feature which offered experience for players,” highlights Reznik.

First-person shooter (FPS) games, to which Sniper 3D belongs, have evolved significantly in recent years and continue to capture the attention of the Brazilian audience. According to the 2023 Game Brasil Survey (PGB), FPS is the most consumed genre in live streams and is also the genre where streamers receive the highest number of donations from viewers.

“Shooter games combine two crucial elements for audience engagement: immersive potential and strategic vision. It’s no wonder they attract people from different generations. Today, there are even world championships.” explains Reznik.

He mentioned that innovation is always on the team’s mind: “in the coming months, we plan to introduce our new Battle Pass, which should be a central and seasonal progression lane, filled with milestones, in which players complete the daily and weekly challenges to progress. By finishing milestones, players will unlock rewards related to the season and at a higher value than a normal daily or weekly challenge”

How to Download and Play Sniper 3D

Where to Download

The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Basic Mechanics

Players assume the role of a sniper and aim to eliminate specific targets using different weapons. The controls are easy and intuitive. By using their fingers, players can zoom in or out with the sniper scope. When the target is in sight, simply press the shoot button to take the shot.


There are hundreds of missions divided across different cities. When players complete all the activities in one region, they unlock the next. Missions involve assassinating thieves, prisoners, robbers, terrorists, and wrongdoers in general. By completing missions, players earn coins and experience points. Coins can be used to purchase new weapons and attachments, while experience points help level up their account.

Weapons and Upgrades

A wide range of weapons is available in the game. Basic missions typically utilize sniper rifles, but there are also other categories such as assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Weapons can be upgraded with seven types of attachments: suppressor, muzzle, ammunition, body, grip, scope, and magazine. These attachments enhance the six attributes of the weapons: damage, range, stability, maximum zoom, magazine size, and reload time.

Game Modes

Sniper 3D features both single-player and multiplayer modes. In single-player mode, there are four types of activities:

  1. Primary Missions: These are the basic missions that involve the assassination of one or more targets.
  2. Wanted Mode: Players receive a physical description of a criminal and must find them amidst a crowd.
  3. Special Forces: More elaborate missions that offer enhanced rewards. Each city has five of these tasks.
  4. Multi-Kills: Involves using alternative weapons like pistols and shotguns. In this mode, players must kill multiple targets simultaneously.

After unlocking the second city, players gain access to the PvP Arena, where they can engage in duels against other players. Additionally, there are Global Operations, where players compete in a global ranking for rewards.