Based out of Austin, Texas, and led by respected industry veterans Justin Jones and Marta Velasco, Moon Tavern Games looks to bring the nostalgia and craft of classic RPGs and adventure games to the modern world of mobile technology.


Jones was the creative leader of one of the biggest mobile games: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which has to date generated around $1.4 billion in revenue; laser-focused on innovating in the gaming space, taking deep inspiration from the past while thinking about the future. “We’re bringing the nostalgia, meaning and craft of classic RPGs and adventure games to the modern magic of mobile technology,” said Jones. “We’re thinking about the genre differently because mobile gives us a unique opportunity to immerse players who love exploring new worlds and connect with each other in a way that the platform has barely scratched the surface of. We want to spark a renaissance on the platform, appealing to classic gamers who are underserved by the trending options in the market now.”


Co-founder Velasco, an accomplished Product Design Leader and a former UX/UI Director, was a part of the award-winning teams behind the Words with Friends franchise and Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager. “We want our games to touch hearts and minds and bring fellow adventurers together any time they have a few minutes to play. We’re not looking to port old games into new devices, we want to reshape the meaning from old experiences into the new patterns of play. And at Wildlife, we have the freedom and autonomy to create our own game worlds,” said Valesco.

For each of its five studios, Wildlife has been able to attract top talent with its unique value proposition. Studio leaders have full creative freedom, while Wildlife provides them with access to its publishing platform, game modules, technology services, dedicated staff and administrative support in order to allow creators to focus on what matters most: making great games.

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